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Founded in 2004 in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon. Our headquarters is now in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Red Rocket Hobbies Reviews

Real Comments From Just A Few Of Our Customers:

"I'm having a blast learning to fly the Blade mSR-X,
Thanks a bunch,

"Many Thanks to Don for his help yesterday! 5 Gold Stars for him and a heartfelt Merry Christmas! to everyone at RRHS!

Thanks again! Chris"

"Matt & Co.
One word:  Awesome!  OK, maybe another:  Sweet !!!!"


 Red Rocket Hobby Shop Reviews

"I just want to say that you guys are the best, I ordered the dii phantom with the extra battery the order was prompt and on time just like you said it would be, I will tell you that everything that I order for my phantom or heli will be from you your company is the greatest I have one more thing to get for my phantom and that is the hero 3 and it will be from you.